frequently asked questions (faq)

What makes Baja Salsa different from other salsas?


Unlike the “burn your tongue off” sensation of many tex-mex salsa products, the Baja, Mexico culture reflects a dedication to finding a balance between heat and taste. A great salsa should provide your tongue with the ability to savor the fresh tomatoes, fresh onions, the hint of cilantro, and the distinct flavor of fresh or fire roasted peppers, with just the right “kick” of heat to know that this is not a salsa for wimps.


Can you tell me more about the ingredients in your salsas?


While we can't give away our recipe, we can provide information about the primary ingredients: Fresh Roma Tomatoes, Tomato or Mango Base, Fresh Onions, Fresh Cilantro, Fresh Garlic, Lemon or Lime Juice, Fresh Peppers, and Spices.


What about artificial preservatives and other food concerns?


Our salsas do not contain artificial preservatives, oils, vinegars, or sugars. We do not use GMO based produce and our salsas are gluten-free.  Our kitchen is completely free of wheat or peanut products.


Does your product include nutrition facts?


Yes, every salsa container sold for retail has nutrition facts on the label.  Some salsas sold at area Farmer's Markets that are being prototyped as a new salsa offering may not have a nutrition fact label developed until ready for mass market sale.  See sample nutrition fact by clicking button.




Are you a green company?


Baja Salsa uses packaging that is 100% recyclable and reusable. Our ink for labels is water-based and environmentally safe.