Baja Salsa Products are now provided by Taste of Life

For the last 7 years Taste of Life has been a trusted partner who has manufactured all the various salsas we offer.  Starting this month, September 2022, Taste of Life has completely taken over the management, operations, and ownership for producing and delivering the Baja Salsa branded salsa products - the two main lines they will offer are Fire Roasted and Original (both Mild and Macho Hot). You can contact them through the information at their website:

In view of this transition, we are so thankful for the many customers and local grocers who supported us for the last 20 years! Our team that has been managing Baja Salsa, Inc. will be retiring from managing the business and we welcome Taste of life taking over the brand and salsa products from this point forward.

Elvia S. Caldwell

gaze across the sun kissed surf 

walk the warm sand

taste the Baja Salsa on your tongue